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15 days til my birthday...

isabel coates gets home from a full day shopping in the city with her lovely and dear friend, kati. she throws down her francesco biasia italian leather clutch on her bed, slips off her heels, and eases down into her cushioned office chair, turning on her computer to write her first journal entry on her new online journal.


so today was a great day for shopping. betsey johnson was having a sample sale on madison, so me and kati had to make a stop. i snagged myself

maybe i'll wear it on my birthday.

speaking of birthday, my big 1-8 is in a little over two weeks. i must begin the party planning! gift bag by lulu guinness? i think so! i've got to call blair and see if she can help me make some connections.

so overall, nothing's really new with me. possibly starting the zone diet? atkins is a bitch.


she turned to her calendar and crossed off another date. 15 days until june 26th- a slot on the calendar labeled with foil stars and bright pink marker.
'eighteen years old and no one special to share it with,' isabel thought to herself, as her siamese cat brushed up against her legs. she looked at the cat, around her room, and then back out at her breathtaking view of the skyline. still it all felt very isolating. for someone who was rather popular at her private school, she was certainly feeling rather lonely.
'i'm going to turn into one of those horrible women with seventy cats and no husband, whose only friend is her half-empty bottle of chanel no. 5.' isabel submitted her entry, scooped up her cat, slipped on a pair of slippers, and headed over to her bathroom to get ready for bed.
"tomorrow's another day," she began to say, before coming to the realization that the only one to hear her is her cat.
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