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what i want for my birthday, by isabel coates

okay, so exactly 10 days until I turn the big 1-8. I'm so excited for my party- I can't even begin to explain it. Kati and I have been dress-hunting like crazy, and it seems to be the biggest buzz around Constance.

This may sound tacky, but I think I really like Aaron, Blair's step-brother. I know it might sound superficial, since I don't really know him THAT well, but I want to. Maybe I should talk to Blair about it. We should go out for coffee or something. I hear the Grey Dog's Coffee Ltd. has a white chocolate mocha latte to die for.

So, I decided to assemble a list for you guys of the stuff I want for my birthday. Here it goes!

The Christian Dior Girly Glamour Collection Boston Bag <3

The Marc Jacobs Charm Strap Leather Tote Bag <3

Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Daisy Pendant Necklace <3

A Vespa ET4 in Dragon Red

Aaron Rose... here with B (lucky girl!).

Well, my family's heading over to Patsy's for dinner tonight. I'll see you all at the party!

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