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:: Isabel finished putting the black La Perla dress on its hanger, attaching the reciept to the top of the bag.

This is the last time I purchase a dress from an underwear store.

:: On the contrary, she kept the underwear. She figured she'd need something intimate if she wanted to get intimate with Aaron Rose.

She dressed into a cami and shorts set and slid into her computer chair. Her cat hopped into her lap, as she began to type a new entry in her online journal.


Well, one more week until the big day! I apologize if that's all I seem to be talking about, but there's just so much I'm anticipating. The food, the clothes, the music, the presents, the possible makeout session with Aaron. (Ugh, is it just me or do i sound desperate?)
I was reading O Magazine when I was waiting to get waxed at the salon, and there was some article about performing everyday miracles and how it'll make you a better person. I've been feeling dreadfully alone lately, so I figured I'd perform my own little miracle to make someone I know feels lonely feel welcome. I invited that Vanessa girl from Blair's film class. Rain made me feel a little guilty about talking smack about her in the lunch room. Maybe Vanessa's just as lonely as all of us. Besides- whether we're straight, gay, bi, or thai- we're all human beings, right? Who knows- maybe she'll find her her OWN Aaron Rose!
So I've stumbled upon THE dress. I'm going to look absolutely hot. One of the Constance junior girls, Becky Dormand, invited me to a Matt Williamson fashion show a few days ago, where I found it. I still need to stop by the studio to get it altered, but when I do, I'm going to be the hottest fashionista on the Upper East Side.
So, it's almost time for bed. I know, it's a Saturday, but when a girl's on the verge of turning 18 and having the biggest party Manhattan has ever seen, beauty sleep is not an option... well, I should at least draw a rose oil soak first.

forever yours,
Isabel Coates <3


::Isabel slipped on her charmeuse robe with maribou trim, the robe that made her feel like Marlene Dietrich, and turned on the water for her tub. Unscrewing a vial of fragrant rose oil, Isabel let her mind wander on the week she had ahead of her.
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